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Earlier this calendar month, the picture of a cheap rings for sale mother breastfeeding in public without donning a handle went viral in Singapore. Here's an overview of what happened: With 12th March 2017, some sort of mother, Sheryl Lee, brazenly breastfed her baby in an MRT train; A photo was taken from the passenger opposite her plus the photo made its rounds on advertising and marketing and local news, sparking a great number of arguments wherever it attended. Some criticised her for being immodest and insensitive into the local conservative culture even though some offered her praises plus encouragements. This brouhaha of open breastfeeding has led parents from all walks of life to talk about their experiences of breastfeeding a baby in public. Local blogger as well as a new mother, Ms Wendy Cheng, additionally known as XiaXue and for her unflinchingly honest particular views weighed in for the issue with some refreshingly legitimate points, albeit with a handful of vulgarities and extreme suggestions. Well, that's XiaXue!


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