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Looking for something more upscale?

Steel builds the backbone of life on planet earth the 21st century. It is used in construction Connor Cook Jersey , transport, and countless consumer goods. Steel categories include flat steel products, pipe and tubing, and structural steel, and these must all meet industry standards. World crude steel production in 2011 reached a record of over 1 Shilique Calhoun Jersey ,500 million tons, yet the steel industry is cyclical and depends on many economic and governmental factors. Like many industries, steel suffered a big setback in 2008, but it began to turn around as 2009 led into 2010 and global recovery began. The steel industry is affected by factors as diverse as the Eurozone sovereign debt problems, higher oil prices Jihad Ward Jersey , political unrest, and natural disasters.

The Consumer Market and Global Production

The construction and automotive markets have traditionally been the biggest steel consumers, using more than half of all steel produced. Steel is also used in the construction of bridges and infrastructure, agricultural equipment, and industrial machinery. China is now the world's largest consumer of steel Karl Joseph Jersey , with the U.S. being the second largest. Japan, India, and South Korea round out the top five worldwide steel consumers. China is also the largest producer of steel, accounting for around 47% of the global steel output. Japan and the U.S. are the other two of the top three steel producers in the world.

Factors Affecting Steel Prices

Steel prices plunged in 2008 because of a sharp decrease in demand and industry de-stocking as users relied on their own inventories as long as possible. By 2011, steel prices were increasing due to higher demand and higher costs for raw materials like iron ore and coking coal. Steel production in China is higher than China's domestic demand for steel Marshawn Lynch Raiders Jersey , and surplus steel from China impacts world prices. Steel prices are affected by both worldwide and nation-specific economic factors, as many countries have slowed infrastructure investment.

Raw Materials and Steel Usage

Steel manufacturers rely on iron ore, coking coal, alloys, base metal David Sharpe Raiders Jersey , and scrap as well as large amounts of natural gas and electricity. With iron ore concentrated in just a few major companies, pricing power is also concentrated, particularly with recent agreements to sell iron ore through China's spot trading platform. China is the world's largest importer of iron ore and is expected to have increasing influence over costs for raw materials used by manufacturers of steel. Global steel usage is expected to rise in 2012 but at a slower pace than 2011. U.S. steel use is forecast to grow by 5.7% in 2012.

Steel from the Mill to the Job Site

The typical steel distributor must deal with numerous worldwide variables when gauging production and working with mills. Your distributor should have experience in your industrial sector, and must have a strong worldwide network of mills along with strong logistics practices to be able to get steel to customers on time and at increasingly remote sites around the world. Strong worldwide competition in steel means that you can expect your steel manufacturer to meet your demands, whether it's for a large up-front inventory at your site Eddie Vanderdoes Raiders Jersey , or a "just in time" delivery schedule designed to help you keep your carrying costs low. Spring is here and it’s time to inject a bit color to your Philadelphia home. What better way to do that than with flowering indoor plants. Nothing says spring quite like watching a flower in full bloom. However, it’s not simple to make an indoor plant flourish either.

The fact is that it’s easier to keep a plant alive than make it flower. And even if you do everything right, you could fail. Your best bet would be to buy plants that flower easily, yet add value to your home. Your friendly neighborhood plantscaper can help.

The Best Indoor Plants for Your Home This Spring

When you are out looking for indoor plants, you need something that captures the true essence of spring. The Wandering Jew with its eye-catching striped purple leaves is an ideal choice. The amazing color pattern along with the flowing nature of the leaves gives it an added measure of elegance that every home needs.

If you are looking for a hardy plant that can flower without much care Obi Melifonwu Raiders Jersey , look no further than the Kalanchoe. These are dependable spring bloomers. The small clusters of vertically standing flowers will pop in every setting. Another plant that falls into this category is the Begonia. Although primarily considered to be an outdoor plant, this free-flowering plant has many varieties including ones that suit the Philadelphia climate.

Looking for something more upscale? Peace Lilies have a chic quality to them that have made them very popular in modern Philadelphia homes. The folding white flowers have a serenity to them that is an experience in itself.

For something more traditional, go with Orchids. These majestic indoor plants are known for their longevity and come in a range of different colors and shapes. Go for purple to contrast with your blue curtains. Or maybe pink would look good with your red carpet. Another advantage going for orchids is that they aren’t limited to spring. You can look forward to colors in your home throughout the year since they flower all year long.

Finally, let’s talk about a personal favorite – the Hibiscus. The brilliant red, pink Gareon Conley Raiders Jersey , orange or yellow flowering plant blooms for only a short while in spring. But when it is in full bloom, it is a plant that makes everything seem all right in the world.

Plantscapes USA – Your Number 1 Source of Indoor Plants in Philadelphia

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