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the Australian Open for the first time since 2003 on Tuesday.

NANCHANG Adidas Hombre NMD CS2 Primeknit Negras Baratas , Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese archeologists announced Wednesday the discovery of the most complete Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- 25 A.D.) cemetery.

The Haihunhou cemetery is located a kilometer from the nearest village in Nanchang, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province. It covers some 40,000 square meters with eight tombs and a chariot burial site with walls that stretch for almost 900 meters.

Archeologists suspect that the main tomb is that of Liu He, grandson of Emperor Wu, the greatest ruler of Han Dynasty, one of the most prosperous periods in China's history. Liu was given the title "Haihunhou" (Marquis of Haihun) after he was deposed as emperor after only 27 days, dethroned by the royal clan because of his lack of talent and morals. Haihun is the ancient name of a very small kingdom in the north of Jiangxi.

Xu Changqing Adidas NMD R1 Oreo Blancas Negras Baratas , director of Jiangxi provincial cultural relics research institute, said on Wednesday that the cemetery is the most complete and best preserved Han Dynasty tomb cluster ever discovered. Archeologists can clearly see the foundations of the tombs thought to be of Haihunhou and his wife, as well as affiliated memorial temples. There are roads and drainage systems in the cemetery.

The team have found more than 10 tonnes of Wuzhu bronze coins together with more than 10,000 other gold, bronze and iron items, unearthed along with jade articles, wood tablets and bamboo slips Adidas Ultra Boost Pure Blancas Baratas , said Xin Lixiang of the China National Museum, who heads the team at the site. Xin has studied some 4,000 Han Dynasty tombs.

Xin said the next stage of the archeological work will be to look for items locked in the coffin of the central mausoleum.

"There may be a royal seal and jade clothes that will suggest the status and identity of the tombs occupant," he said.

The team have recovered many musical instruments such as chimes, se (a 25-stringed plucked instrument), panflutes and sheng (a reed pipe wind instrument), as well as terracotta figurines showing how the instruments were played.

It is also the only tomb excavated in south of Yangtze River with real vehicles. "The chariot burial is an important part of the tomb Hombre Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 LTD Negras Plata Baratas ," Xu said. Five well-preserved horse-drawn vehicles have been found, each with four sacrificed horses, and more than 3,000 accessories embellished with gold and silver. "The discovery will be important for the study of hierarchical burial customs and articles used in burial," he said.

Tombs of some other aristocrats have led the team to believe that the dig may be the site of the capital of the Haihun Kingdom. The entire site covers five square kilometers.

"The discovery can help us understand the social, economic and cultural status in Western Han Dynasty, and even the development of music Hombre Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Limited Negras Baratas , transportation, metrology, and the evolution of Chinese characters and arts," Xu said.

Li Xiaojie, vice minister of culture and director of the State Bureau of Cultural Relics, has ordered that work of the cemetery should be aimed at applying for UNESCO's world heritage listing.

Jiangxi's cultural department use high-tech sampling and recording to document information and data. Several labs and research teams have been set up to work separately on archaeobotany, zooarchaeology as well as studies on textiles Adidas Ultra Boost x Porshe Design Blancas Baratas , metals and historical records.

ISTANBUL, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- A newly renovated and grand art complex was just opened on Istiklal Avenue, rekindling hopes for a revival of art and culture on the iconic pedestrian street at central Istanbul.

Following a four-year period of renovation, the Yapi Kredi Culture and Art Publishing House located across the historical Galatasaray High School in the middle of the avenue was formally opened on Wednesday to art enthusiasts and others.

For many, Istiklal or Independence Avenue has lost its intellectual soul and glory over the last five years, as most bookstores, movie theaters and art galleries have been shut down amid a sense of political uncertainty featuring a spate of deadly terror attacks and a failed coup attempt.

The area is now occupied by cosmetic shops and shopping malls appealing to rich Arab tourists but not in the radius of city intellectuals any more.

"We believe this building would play a crucial role in transforming the Istiklal Avenue into an outstanding center of attraction where art is a dominant feature once again Adidas Superstar 80's Cut Out Mujer Blancas Baratas ," Tulay Gungen, head of Yapi Kredi Culture and Art Publishing House, told reporters at the opening ceremony.

With a unique transparent architectural design, the complex allows passersby to watch what are taking place inside as they walk by.

A well-known "Mediterranean" sculpture by Turkish artist Ilhan Koman depicting an embrace with love has been placed on the third floor, which can be seen saluting the pedestrians on the street behind a glass wall.

"The transparent side allows the building to intermingle with the city life," said Gungen. "And it is expected to attract anyone, even those who do not care for art and culture."

The new complex houses Mujer Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Negras Baratas , among others, a library, a bookstore, exhibition areas, a museum, conference halls and studios for art performances, theatrical plays and movie screenings. The library offers over 80 Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Metal Toe Doradas Foil Baratas ,000 volumes including 4,000 rare books.

"We will proclaim our return to Istiklal in the most and effective way possible," declared Gungen.

The complex is currently hosting a contemporary art exhibition, displaying a cornucopia of sculptures, paintings, photographs, video art and ancient coins. Many are expecting it to help revive Istiklal's once vibrant cultural life and bring back the old glorious days.

Photos being shared on social media are titled "Istiklal has not finished Mujer Adidas Originals Superstar Lotus Print Blancas Flower Baratas ," while an article published on sanatatak voiced doubt by stating "The time will show how attainable this is."

China, Brunei to boost ties

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